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by Jim Berkenstadt


Jim Berkenstadt

Jim Berkenstadt is the Rock And Roll Detective®. A true Sherlock Holmes, Berkenstadt uncovers the lost history and mysteries hidden within decades of popular music. He currently serves as Executive Producer and Script Consultant on the Ecosse Studios feature film based upon his award-winning bestseller, The Beatle Who Vanished: 60th Beatles Anniversary Tour Edition.

An international authority on The Beatles and Rock And Roll, he served as Historical Consultant to Martin Scorsese’s HBO Emmy-winning film, George Harrison: Living in the Material World, historical consultant to The Beatles’ company Apple Corps Ltd. on several film and box set projects, and to the late George Harrison and his Estate.

Berkenstadt has also authored the multi-award winning, Number One Bestseller, Mysteries in the Music: Case Closed; Black Market Beatles; The Beatles Digest; and Nevermind Nirvana. His books have been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Permanent Library and Archives. He also appears as a rock and roll expert on the Reelz Channel TV series Celebrity Legacies and Celebrity Damage Control.


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“Internationally recognized Beatles expert Berkenstadt spent six years researching every nook and cranny of the musical career of enigmatic replacement drummer Jimmie Nicol.

Berkenstadt’s impressively detailed book opens with a 24-year old Jimmie receiving the phone call that would change his life, inviting him to temporarily take Ringo Starr’s place on the Beatles’ first world tour during June 1964. Berkenstadt instantly draws the reader into his tale of this little-known drummer from the borough of Wandsworth, England, and then progresses through eight chapters, telling his back story. The author manages to generate a phenomenal amount of energy around the little-known drummer, using first rate historical details, rare photographs and memorabilia illustrations; the dynamic photos, especially, lend this bio legitimacy and appeal.


Berkenstadt brings excellent investigative skills to this bio of a forgotten replacement Beatle.”


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